about us


Our company roots go back in 1930s. At that time, we were selling Japanese goods to the foreign sailers coming to Japan from all over the world. As time goes by, our business expanded to trade the shipping machinery and equipments.
We traded from more than 20 contries all over the world. Even now, those experience enrich our business with the precious information and connections.
In 1987, to control the importaion based on the long experience in trading, present Aibishi Trading Co., Ltd. was established. Mainly form Europa and north America, we are trading and introducing the up-to-the-minute apparel, interior, cosmetics and more.

Takahiro Okada Managing Director C.E.O.

business outline

  • trading representative service | satisfy our customer's needs
  • cosmetics production and distribution service with cosmetic license | safe and reliable products to Japan
  • distribution | the best selection from the world

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